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How to Unclog a Stuffed Nose?

"Jono, I keep hearing you tell me that I need to breathe through my nose, but I have allergies and I'm always congested" so what should I do?

Here's a few simple steps to help you clear that blockage and use that nose for what it's meant to do....BREATHE!

Step #1 - Take a normal inhale, normal exhale.

Sometimes we may only have one nostril congested, so if you can still breath through the other nostril, take in a few normal 3 second inhale, 3 second exhales. And if you're completely blocked up, taking in that breath through your mouth is fine as well.

Step #2 - Pinch your nose and hold

After you've taken a few normal breath's, on your last EXHALE, pinch your nose and hold your breath.

Step #3 - Shake it all about!

While pinching your nose and holding your breath, shake your head back and forth 10-15 times. You can shake it side to side, or up and down, whatever you prefer.

Step #4 - Release and Breathe

After you've shaken your head back and forth 10-15 times, release your nose and attempt to breathe through your nose.

Step #5 - Repeat

You may notice your nose was a little more clear the first time, but still a little congested. Repeat those same steps again, you may need to do it 3-4 times, and eventually you should be able to breathe freely!

Why can't I keep breathing through my mouth?

As I always say, "Your mouth is meant for eating, and your nose is meant for breathing". We have thousands of capillaries in our nasal cavity that help to absorb oxygen into our system (which we don't have in our mouths), so by nasal breathing, you're able to uptake that oxygen better, and more importantly, better control the amount of Carbon Dioxide we release.

Want to learn more?

Come join my next Breath Strength Mind workshop on May 6th, where I take a deep dive into breathing mechanics and how you can use your breath for better athletic performance, better sleep, and how to use it when feeling a little anxious or stressed.

Find out more here: Breath Strength Mind Workshop

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