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Jono Blodgett

Jono is a passionate fitness and nutrition coach, who is there to help you overcome your obstacles and conquer your goals, not yell orders and count reps.


As a coach, Jono works to establish a strong relationship and believes that emotional support and the motivational side of coaching are just as important as the workouts and nutrition. Jono enjoys working closely with every person as he helps them through the ups and downs of their journey. His energetic, positive personality, and joy for the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle, help him challenge and inspire others to reach their true potential.


Jono has an extensive background in a variety of activities to include surfing, hiking, freedive/SCUBA diving, weight lifting, and trail running. His passion for exercise, fitness, the outdoors, healthy eating and living have always played a paramount role in his life and what he represents. This passion has allowed him to compete at the elite level of Spartan obstacle course races where he has won back-to-back Age Group World Championships.  He works closely with each client to develop a similar interest, passion and enthusiasm for health and fitness.




Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC)

XPT Water Pro

Certified Spartan SGX Coach LV 2

Precision Nutrition Certified Coach

BStrong BFR Coach

Certified Personal Trainer (AFAA)

TRX Force Instructor

Weight Management Specialist (ACE)

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= Success

Spartan WC 2018.jpg



  • Spartan National AG Champion 

  • Spartan Co.Springs Super 1st (AG)

  • Spartan Hawaii Elite Beast 2nd Overall

  • Spartan Seattle Beast 1st (AG)

  • Spartan Seattle Super 1st (AG)


  • Thanks COVID


  • Spartan Overall AG World Champion

  • Spartan Hawaii Elite Beast 4th Overall

  • Spartan Hawaii Elite Super 2nd Overall

  • Spartan Hawaii Elite Sprint 1st Overall

  • Spartan Big Bear Beast 1st (AG)

  • Spartan Big Bear Sprint 1st Overall (AG)

  • Spartan SoCal Super 1st Overall (AG)


  • Xterra World Championship 2nd AG

  • Spartan Overall AG World Champion

  • Spartan Big Bear Sprtnt 1st (AG)

  • Spartan Big Bear Beast 1st (AG)

  • HURT Quad Crusher 2nd Overall

  • Spartan World Championship Qualifier



  • Makahiki OCR Challenge 1st Overall

  • Xterra World Championships 5th (AG)

  • HURT Kaena Pt Fire Cracker 5th Place

  • Spartan Hawaii Elite Beast 7th Overall

  • Spartan New Jersey Elite Beast 12th Overal


  • Xterra World Championships 2nd (AG)

  • Makahiki Challenge 1st Overall (2)

  • Spartan World Champion Qualifier

  • Spartan Hawaii Elite Beast 3rd Overall

  • Xterra Regional Champion (AG)

  • Xterra Run Star 20k 7th Overall

  • Makahiki Challenge Overall Winner 


  • Spartan Hawaii Elite Beast 9th Overall

  • Xterra Freedom Fest 1st Overall


  • Spartan Hawaii Super 7th Overall

  • Xterra Freedom Fest 11th Overall

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