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I want to send a shout out to my trainer Jono Blodgett with Mauka Makai Fitness who has helped me stay strong and healthy during my time at home during Covid. I decided not to return to the gym and I was struggling to find a realistic workout routine that I could do while juggling the kids, working and virtual schooling. He created an individualized workout for me on an app, including stretching videos and workout videos to follow, that I could easily use from my iPhone. He was always readily available to help me with any questions I had and helped me tweak my routine so I could make it work for me and helped me reach my goals...aka losing the covid 10 lbs I gained!! Whether you live on the mainland or in Hawaii, if you are looking for an amazing trainer and a personalized at home workout routine, he is amazing!!  

Ps...Did I mention that along with being a professional trainer, he is also a Spartan World Champion, he's legit!!

- Teressa V.

Jono single-handedly transformed my whole outlook and relationship with my body (I guess I did some of that too... but I credit so much of my transformation to him). I started meeting with him last August and was just at a point where I hadn't stepped foot on a treadmill in a year, I was 40+ pounds overweight, and just truly unhappy with my body.

In swept this amazing human. He really listened to what it was I actually enjoyed doing, and designed a custom plan (nutrition AND fitness) that was ACTUALLY fun. I finally have a good relationship with nutritious food and work out every day! I shed a cool ~35 lbs., and most importantly, I can look in the mirror every day and be super freaking proud of my efforts.

Plus, Jono's skills don't end with fitness and nutrition, he is a killer listener, and really sees health the way it's supposed to be seen: as a total wellness package, mental health included! With his careful guidance, I've also learned a ton about things like sleep, mindfulness, mental grit, flexibility, strength, and challenging yourself to get outside of your comfort zone. I cannot sing his praises enough, his rates are super reasonable... he can take all of my money, the results are worth every. penny. :P

- Lei W.

"In June 2019, I climbed North America's highest peak, Denali, elevation 20,310 feet.  My training with Jono made it possible.  We worked together for over one year to prepare me for the climb.  A few highlights:
- Jono did a great job of understanding my initial fitness level and helping me build a solid base of strength and cardio.
- We built a plan that covered several months to increase my endurance and strength to handle several days of continuous activity on the mountain.  
- Jono kept the workouts interesting by varying the workout routine and introducing me to new trails and other unique terrain around Oahu.  Training was fun!  
- He also taught me about breathing techniques, which helped immensely on the climb, as well as eating and nutrition to maintain my energy level.  
- Jono is an all-around great guy, even going so far as to involve my 7 year old son in some of the workouts, my favorite moments during training.
I'd highly recommend Jono to anyone working on an athletic challenge or fitness goal."

  - Eric W.

"Jono, founder of Mauka Makai Fitness, is the very essence of professionalism. Providing an outstanding personal fitness program for my husband and I, he included our 4 year old daughter in our sessions. Jono tailored our fitness program to suit the season, our requirements as well as any remedial work required from injury or surgery. His knowledge of nutrition to complement our personal goals ensured both my husband and I were in great condition and feeling great. We loved Jono's positivity, enthusiasm and ability to keep our sessions fun. The flexibility and creativity kept us engaged; from the grass, the pool, to the beach, we always loved our sessions. Highly recommend Jono as a personal trainer."

  - Cathryn D.

"Well, having had all kinds of trainers in the past, Jono from the very first day was exceptional. He started with a sit-down interview and asked me about my goals, my health, and really began to craft a program that was suited for me.
Jono has an ability to make you comfortable and capable within a short period of time. He quickly makes the workouts pay off while building confidence and ability. His wealth of knowledge of physical fitness is contagious, he implements changes and challenges that keep you striving for more."

 - Greg H. 

"During the 1 1/2 years I have been working with Jono, he has recharged my competitive spirit and helped me establish realistic goals that I am striving to achieve.  Jono has a knack for pinpointing the areas I need to work on and guides me  through tough workouts with skill, personal example and a good sense of humor!  I am proud to introduce Jono as my trainer…GO TEAM JONO!!!"

- Susan C.

"I love training with Jono our sessions are always different and fun. We don't train in a gym like you do with a regular personal trainer. We train outdoors in a park with all sorts of equipment and we've even trained on the beach. My fitness and strength has improved significantly since working out with Jono, I'm doing things I never thought I could, carrying sandbags, exercising wearing a 30lb weighted vest, I went from not being able to move one bar on a monkey bar to completing the whole set! We completed the makahiki challenge together and because Jono was there encouraging me I got over those walls and completed those obstacles! Jono believes in me and makes me believe more in myself! He also designed personalised workouts for me to use in the gym. He always replies with good advice if I have questions about food or exercise. Jono is not only a great personal trainer he has become a great friend too! Even when he makes me almost cry and shout during a tough session!"

- Sam M.


"In life you must by like water, yield to the rocks and logs in your way, but keep moving downstream in the right direction."

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"With a rapidly approaching wedding, I was looking for someone who could help me lose weight and tone up so that I could look my best on the big day. That's where Jono came in. He is a fantastic personal trainer. I always look forward to our workout sessions, even though they kick my butt! Jono is always motivating, supportive, and he pushes me to give just a little bit more when I am about to give up. It has made all the difference. I have gotten stronger and noticed more muscle definition since I have starting working with him.
Jono is also very knowledgeable about nutrition. This was an area where I needed some extra help, and I have learned so much from him. He always thoroughly answers all of my questions. He even emails me in his spare time with helpful information about the questions that I have asked. I have been very impressed by his willingness to go above and beyond. 
I emphatically recommend Jono's services to anyone looking for guidance in achieving their fitness goals."

 -Sarah Y.

"Jono is such a great trainer and an incredible individual! I was contemplating a lot whether to start working with a trainer or not! I'm so happy I did! I finally learned how to work out correctly and to get back up threw my little weak moments. 
Jono is so professional, patient and encouraging that I couldn't feel any more comfortable and grateful. I found myself waiting for our sessions together and practicing everything he showed me when I workout on my own.
Great times and lots of laughs and fun! Thank you Jono:)"

- Alegra R. 

"I chose to change my exercise regime and luckily connected with Jono to make it happen. I had never worked with a personal trainer before so I was not sure what to expect. From the first workout to the most recent, I have always been impressed at Jono's skill in creating the right work out and his flexibility when things need to change quickly. He has a wealth of physical training knowledge and it shows in his professionalism and personality.

Jono has high expectations, but never makes me feel frustrated or that I am not able to do a workout. He knows just how far to push me without it resulting in injury. Each workout is a full hour of hard work, but at the end, I feel fantastic and that I accomplished something great for my body.

Jono is also an easy person with whom to get along. He has an easy going personality and creates a comfortable environment. He listens well to your goals and makes it easy to want to come back for another tough, but excellent, hour."

- Nicole K. 

"Jono Blodgett is the real deal! I invested in his adventure training to take my family on a 'team building' excursion and had no idea how much I would grow and be stretched beyond my limits. We saw paradise on Hawaii like so very few will ever see, was pushed to move beyond my fear of heights, and bonded with my teenage son like no other father-son trip I have experienced. Just as we were about to summit this incredibly steep peak I hit a wall, and Jono stood behind me every step of the way insuring my safety and helping overcome my limitations to eventually reach the top. This is an experience I will never forget and I will always be grateful for him strengthening our family bond. Even to this day, my son still talks about how awesome of an adventure this was. Jono you are truly the best and thank you for strengthening my mind and family!"

- Patrick S.