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Mauka Makai Recovery Program - Sauna/Ice Therapy. Improves your immunity and helps you rec

Mobile Sauna & Ice Therapy

Many cultures have known about the benefits of sauna & ice baths for thousands of years.  Now researchers have the scientific data to support these recovery methods for improved physical and mental performance. 

Whether it be stress from work, physical training, or simply daily living; our bodies are exposed to a variety of physical and mental stress throughout the day.   Therefore, it's crucial we support the recovery process so the mind/body can regenerate and improve performance.  Book a session and we'll bring our mobile sauna & ice bath straight to your front door.

Sauna & Ice Bath session includes:

  • Introduction & Education on benefits (10-15 minutes) 

  • Exploratory Breathe Work - A journey through performance- based breathing to prepare the mind and body (15 min) 

  • Sauna session (10-25 min)

  • Ice bath (2-5 min)

  • Repeat for 2-3 rounds

This program includes an educational session prior to start of the actual sauna_ice therap
Breath Work - part of the Sauna | Ice Therapy Session of
The sauna session  - part of the Recovery Program of
sauna\ice therapy sessions - sign up now to get your muscle/joint pains out of your daily


  • Sauna - Relax and take in the soothing aromas of cedar and eucalyptus in our barrel sauna. Stay in the heat for 10-15 minutes to induce a calm parasympathetic state and induce the release of heat shock proteins. Or push your mental toughness and resilience by extending your exposure time. 

Sauna Session on our Recovery Program. Learn more at
Ice Therapy is the last phase of our Sauna/ice therapy session. Learn more at maukamakaifi
an Ice Therapy session from coach Jono of

  • Ice Bath - Submerge yourself in the ice bath to increase your immune system function, decrease joint & muscular pain, induce cold shock proteins, and stimulate nervous system recovery. (3 min) 


Sauna & Ice Bath benefits

Hormone Balance

Decreased Stress & Anxiety

Increased heat and cold shock proteins

Increased Metabolism

Mental Resilience

Decreased inflammation & Muscle Soreness

Immune System Boost

New Neural Pathways

Increased recovery from physical training

Increased Energy

Environmental Tolerance

Improved Physical 


Sauna & Ice Bath Fee: $250 for 2 people. $25/each additional person

Includes lecture, instruction and coaching for the sauna and ice


Ice baths in a 150 gallon tub that's between 35-39° F.


Barrel sauna at 160-200° F.


Participants will spend 2-3 minutes in the ice then 15 minutes in the sauna and then do multiple rounds, rinsing off in-between.


Book a session now!

Contact Coach Jono to schedule a sauna & ice bath session and discover the amazing therapeutic benefits yourself!

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