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Mauka Makai Fitness prides itself on creating personalized workout programs for each and every one of its clients.  During the initial consultation your needs and goals will be examined and a training program will be designed to help you conquer your goals.  

Outdoor/Adventure Training
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Outdoor | Adventure Training

Exercise should be more than simply running on a treadmill and lifting weights in a gym for an hour everyday.  It's about training the body and mind to conquer things you never imagined.  Whether that be mountaineering to the top of a summit, freediving to greater depths, surfing bigger waves, or completing an obstacle course race such as a Spartan race where you run through mud and climb walls that make you feel like a kid again.  Training in the outdoors provides a greater benefit and satisfaction than indoor training and is something that is more sustainable for the long-term.

Sauna/Ice Therapy Sessions from Coach Jono of

Sauna & Ice Therapy

For hundreds of years, hot and cold therapy has been used as a way to increase immunity; balance hormones; decrease stress, anxiety, inflammation, and muscle soreness; increase sport performance; and build mental toughness.  With our mobile sauna and ice bath, we can bring this hot/cold therapy straight to your door for you and your friends/family to reap all the benefits.

Ice Therapy


Yes, you're breathing everyday, but are you breathing correctly and do you know how you can use your breath to better control your emotions? Learn the difference between good vs. bad breathing mechanics, how to use your breath to improve your athletic performance, get better sleep, reduce panic/anxiety, and much more.  Breathwork isn't just for the woo-woo type, it's for everyone from professional athletes, to soccer moms, to Navy Seals, to the weekend warrior looking to complete their first 5k.

Breathwork. One of Coach Jono's signature programs. Learn more. Sign up at maukamakaifitne

Nutritional Coaching

The mainstream machine constantly changes its message on what is healthy.  One day we're told butter is the worst thing ever, and the next day we hear we should put it in everything.  No wonder we're so confused about what we should eat!  Consequently, our society is more overweight and unhealthy than ever before. Nutrition is the foundation of everything from how well we perform, to sleep, to our hormones, and much more.  Learn what foods are ideal for your goal and have help and accountability along the way.  You're not doing this alone!

Salmon Fillet
Nutritional Coaching
Breath Strength Mind by Coach Jono Blodgett.png


Attend one of our in-person "Breath Strength Mind" workshops where you'll learn how to use your breath to improve your performance; push your physical/mental limits through pool exercises using dumbbells; and then finish off by testing your mental toughness in a 36 degree ice bath.  You'll walk away at the end of the day feeling accomplished, recharged, and ready to apply what you learned for other challenges in your life.



Jono Blodgett is a well-versed speaker, advisor, and motivator.  He's been a guest speaker on multiple health/fitness podcasts, served on panels for large athletic events, and given speaking presentations to CEO's of multi-million dollar companies all the way down to small private retreats.   He will share his love and knowledge of health/fitness, nutrition, sleep, breathing, building mental toughness, and much more.

Speaking - another program offered by Coach Jono. Learn more at

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