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Hawaii Spartan
Race Training

Your Ultimate Training Program for the Hawaii Spartan Race!

Spartan Race Hawaii

Aug 17: Ultra & Beast | Aug 18: Super & Sprint

Are you ready to challenge your physical and mental limits and conquer the rugged terrain of Hawaii’s most exhilarating obstacle course race? Whether you’re scaling walls, charging through mud pits, or hurling spears through the air, the Spartan Race is the ultimate test of physical prowess and mental resilience. If you're aiming not just to participate, but to dominate, then you're in the right spot.


What's to gain?

Over the course of the program, you'll be immersed in a comprehensive training regimen perfectly tailored to Spartan Racing:

  • WeeklyStrength and Endurance Workouts

  • Obstacle Technique Tips

  • Gear and Equipment Guidance

  • Nutritional Guidance

  • Breathing Techniques

  • Mental Toughness Training

Pricing & Offers

Two ONLINE Training Programs to choose from:

*Everyone who signs up receives a discount code for 20% off race registration and you're name will go into a drawing to receive one of 10 FREE registration codes

Sign Up Spartan

12-week Program

Starting June 1st

If you're signed up for the Ultra, Beast, Trifecta, or new to racing, then  the 12-week training program is recommended  to ensure you have enough time to build the necessary strength and endurance. 

6-Week Program

Starting July 6

If you're in decent shape now and signed up for one of the shorter courses such as the Super or Sprint, then you can probably get away with the 6-week training program.  


In-Person Training

Want some hands on training with the obstacles and in-person training with Coach Jono?  Attend one of the in-person training sessions below. 

  • June 8

  • June 16

  • June 22

  • July 14

  • July 21

  • July 27

  • Aug 3

  • Aug 4 

*Sessions held on Oahu at Maunawili Valley District Park at 9am

**No charge, but donations appreciated

Spartan Race Pic

Join Spartan SGX Coach Jono

Coach Jono has competed in Spartan races for years, and his experience and expertise has earned him three AG World Championship titles. He knows what it takes to succeed in these races, and he's ready to share his knowledge with you.


Joining Coach Jono's training program means access to personalized workouts tailored specifically for the Hawaii Spartan race. These workouts will help you build the strength, endurance, and agility needed to navigate through obstacles like rope climbs, monkey bars, and spear throws.


In addition to the physical training, you'll also receive mental preparation techniques from Coach Jono. He understands the mental challenges that come with competing in a Spartan race and will help you develop the mindset needed to push through any obstacles on race day.


Don't miss this opportunity to train with a top Spartan racer and take your fitness to the next level. Sign up now for Coach Jono's Hawaii Spartan race training program!



First 50 to register get a chance to win one of 10 FREE race registration passes!

Sign up today and let the adventure begin! 

Grab your spot in our exclusive training program and start your special Spartan training prep! Spots are limited and demand is high. 

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