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4th of July BBQ Readiness!

WOOO! Happy 4th of July! The sun is out, kids are playing in the pool or at the beach, and the bbq parties are popping!

But you're trying to stay focused with your healthy eating and exercise, so you can feel confident rocking that bathing suit while battling it out in the belly-flop contest at the pool. And you know that at every one of these parties is nothing but hot dogs, beers, hamburgers, beers, potato salad, beers, chips, beers, cupcakes, and did I mention beer?

Here is an easy-to-follow strategy to help you stay focused:

1. Get in a workout first thing in the morning, before all the festivities begin. Go for a run, hike with the kids, swim, bike, whatever, just move your body!

2. Eat a LARGE HEALTHY meal before you go to the party. That way you won't be as tempted by the unhealthy items, and even if you can't resist, you'll be less likely to over indulge on these items.

3. Take healthy options to the party with you. If there are no healthy options available, then of course you'll be tempted by all the other items. So be that person that takes the salad to the party!

If you're craving the crunch from chips and dip, take red/green peppers or carrots to use with the dip instead. Another option is a bowl of mixed nuts so you can grab a handful and then step away from the food table.

4. Now on to the beer. Ahhhh of course you have to have a beer while sitting at the beach or the pool right? I agree, there is nothing like a cold refreshing beer on a hot summer's day while celebrating our countries independence, but would you be just as satisfied with a cold refreshing cocktail? Probably! Make up a big batch of vodka/soda with raspberries to give you a nice red drink. You may want to water these down a little or remember to pace yourself, so that you don't end up falling in to the pool when you get too drunk!

If you just can't escape the beer, then this is all the more reason to focus on the healthy eating. Don't stack beer on top of pizza, on top of hamburger; that's just asking for trouble.

5. Lastly, stay occupied and have fun! 4th of July parties are supposed to be a good time for you to get away from work, destress, and have fun with your friends. So spend that time with your friends and not hovering around the food table. I know it will be difficult, so position yourself as far away as possible.

If you don't think any of that is possible, then you probably shouldn't leave the house. Lock the doors, close the blinds, and put on the Independence Day movie with Will Smith. But I have faith that you can do all of those things, so make it happen and have an awesome 4th of July!

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