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Do Animals Drink Soda?

Alright, now that I have your attention with a cute little puppy. This is the little guy that has caused me not to post as much recently. Ive done a lot of research as far as what is best to feed a puppy and how to keep them healthy and at no point during my findings did I read

“Let them drink soda, eat processed foods, and have a bunch of sugar and cake."

So it got me thinking, if we're not supposed to feed our animals this food, then why are we giving it to ourselves if we know it's not healthy? We don't give it to our our pets or our animals, but it's okay for us to have? How does that make sense?

Dogs/cats are are meant to have meat and bones. They're not meant to have grains, breads, and processed crap. And the same goes for us, we're not supposed to have a bunch of processed foods. We’re meant to have things that come from the earth, whole foods that maintain optimal health.

So If you need a reminder, just look at your little animal and think about what would Mother Nature give them and same goes for you. You don't see a soda machine plant out in nature. You don't see bags of chips growing from vines, so that means you shouldn't eat it!

Take it from your animals and stick to whole foods.
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