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It's OK To Go Off-course

Alright, Coach Jono here and today I want to talk about staying on track and why it's okay if you do go off track. The author Brian Tracy wrote a book called Flight Plan where he discussed when you take off in a plane, the pilot turns on autopilot which has all the coordinates of your destination pre-programmed, and then he sits back and goes on Facebook.

However, 99 percent of the time that plane is off course and constantly correcting and adjusting itself so that it can eventually reach its destination.

But majority of the time, it may sway a little to the right, or a little to the left and so it’s constantly correcting itself in order to stay on track. And that relates back to life. Many times we have a goal, or a destination that we want to reach, but some of the time you're going to be off track and that's okay.

If you're trying to lose weight and you go to a party and you have a little extra food or a treat you don't normally eat, that’s okay! You can still reach your destination. The very next meal make sure to get back on course, make adjustments, make that correction so you can continue to work towards your goal.

Same thing goes for if you’re training for an event. There will be days when you didn’t feel great and therefore you didn't get out and train. That's okay! Get right back out there the next day and work towards your goal. You'll make it happen.

Don't let those little failures, completely derail you to the point where you're crashing into the ocean!

Continue to make those corrections, enjoy the journey along the way and eventually you’ll reach your destination. And if you need help staying on course and not sure how to get back on track then contact me and I will be sure to help you get there.

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