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Meditation, Even You Should Do It!

Aloha everyone, today we're going to talk about meditation. Before you turn it off, don't worry, I'm not going to get all WOO WOO on you and tell you that you have to sit cross-legged in the middle of a room, close your eyes and chant. I just want to give you some insight into meditation.

There are different forms of meditation. Yes, one form is sitting cross-legged, closing your eyes and focusing on your own thoughts. But you can use meditation in many different ways, and it's all about finding what works for you to keep your mind in the present moment.

We constantly think about what we have to do next week, what things are coming up at our job, kids soccer practice, upcoming family reunions, etc, etc.

Our mind is constantly going, going, going, so every so often it's good to let the mind rest, not think about the future, and just be in the present. And meditation will do that.

If you're not into sitting in a room in silence, you can start off by simply staying focused on your breathing. By staying focused on your breathing, it will force you to be present and not think about other things in your life. I recommend starting off with a routine called Box breathing, where you will do a 3 second inhale, 3 second hold, 3 second exhale, and 3 second hold. Try to do this for 3 minutes and see how you feel.

Other forms of meditation could include picking weeds and watering your garden. Touching the earth and soil will help you to ground yourself as well!

Meditation could include going for a run and staying focused on your form and noticing what's happening around you. Maybe you like to fish, so your meditation might be sitting on a boat and having a line in the water.

It’s all about being present at that moment and not focused on whatever else is going on.

So find out what works for you and try to do that once or twice a week. I promise it will help a lot with your sleep, stress, and your overall happiness.

Comment below on what you use as your form of meditation and we'll see you next week!

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