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Keeping Your Word

Howzit everyone? Coach Jono here and today I want to quickly discuss keeping your word. If you say you're going to do something, do you follow through and actually do it?

If you say you're going to meet somebody for work out, do you keep your word and follow through?

And not only with other people such as your friends or your trainer who you're going to meet with, do you keep the word to yourself? If you tell yourself “okay this afternoon I'm going to do a workout. I'm going to make sure to stick to it” when that afternoon comes around do you follow through and keep your own word or do you just say to yourself

“eh I’ll do it tomorrow”.

That's the problem, we don't keep our word to ourselves. We're more likely to let it pass by and think “It’s only me, I'll make it up next time.” Make sure to keep your word with yourself just as honorable as you would to your friend. You wouldn't want to disappoint your friend by letting them down and not showing up or flaking on them, so have that same mentality when you're speaking to yourself.

Keep that word make it make it a bond that if you're going to do something follow through and make it happen.

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