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Gym Vs. Outdoor Workout

Good morning everyone. Earlier in the week, I put up a post about the benefits of getting outdoors and exercising, and why if you get outdoors you're more likely to sustain that exercise routine and that program. And so I wanted to express why that's important.

I could have gone to the gym at 5:00AM this morning, but instead I said "Okay I'm gonna get outside and go for a run”. I could have been in the gym right now on the treadmill, hammering away with somebody on the treadmill next to me, sweating and grunting and probably in a bad mood 'cause they had to wake up early. Then there's CNN news going on on the background, talking about all the horrible things that are going on in the world. But instead, I decided to get outside and take in some of this gorgeous scenery.

So let me ask you, do you think you would feel better if you started your day with this view and getting your heart rate up, work up a little sweat, listen to the birds chirp, and take in that nice fresh air.

Or you could go to gym where all the machines are covered with multiple strains of bacteria and diseases 'cause they never get cleaned, and you risk getting sick; or starting the day with amazing views like this?

I guarantee you my day is going to be a whole lot better now. Get outside when you can, enjoy, have fun, come and play with us. Happy Aloha Friday!

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