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Competition Is For Everyone

Coach Jono here, and today we're going to talk about competition and why I think competition is important. Everyone knows that I like competition. It makes life more interesting to get out there and race, and do your best. But some people will say to me "I'm not very competitive, it doesn't bother me if I win or lose."

But just think back to when you were a sperm and you were one of over 300 million. And you won that race! Your life started because you won a competition.

So why discontinue that competition in your life now? You're out there, you're going up for that promotion against your co-worker, you're competing! Your entire company is competing against other businesses to make more profit right?

But there is a all kinds of competition, and it's healthy. It creates a little fire in your belly that everyone needs. It creates that drive and burning desire to go out and achieve more. No one likes to just be average or say "Okay, I'm gonna just sit at home today and let everyone else pass by me. I don't want that promotion. I'm just going to do whatever it is necessary and just live a boring life." There are some people out there like that, but I don't want you to be one of those people.

That doesn't mean you have to go out and do a big race and get upset if you dont make the podium, but you can still compete against yourself and how you did the year before. Or if you're not into doing athletic events, compete against yourself and how well you did at walking up stairs, were you out as out of breath as you wear the month before? If not, great, that's huge progress!

Keep driving for that 1% of growth each and every day and don't just settle for being average.

That's why I have this tattoo on my arm that says "Never Settle". Its a reminder to me to not be average and always keep striving for something bigger and better. You may not reach those goals right away but over time you keep making small progress, you keep building that up, and then eventually you will get there. Keep pushing forward and use that competition to create that little fire in your belly and get out there and kick some ass!

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