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Treat, Not Cheat!

Over and over I hear people say "its ok, I can eat whatever I want today, its my cheat day!" I've said it before and I'll say it again, this is the wrong mentality.

Why you ask?

Think about it. You've been disciplined all week long, you ate your veggies, you made sure to include healthy fats and protein, and you stuck to your workouts. Great job! Your body is feeling strong and fueled right?

Now think about your last "cheat" day. Did it consist of a stack of pancakes for breakfast, burger and fries for lunch, and then spaghetti and ice cream for dinner (with beer and wine in between)? Do you know the shit storm you just created in your body? How did you feel the following day? Something similar to the picture above? Brain fog, tired, stomach ache, unmotivated? And how was your workout on Monday morning? Probably pretty pathetic!

A cheat day doesn't just affect you on that day, but multiple days after. Even if you started to eat healthy again first thing Monday morning, it will still take your body at least 2-3 days to get all that other crap out of its system. So by the time you're feeling good and back to your strong, healthy, fully focused self, it may be Thursday and then before you know it, its your cheat day again and the process starts all over. That sends your body through a roller coaster of hormone regulations and stressors. No wonder its hard to keep the weight off!

So Jono, you're telling me that I can't ever have anything unhealthy ever again? NO, that is not what Im saying. All Im saying is don't have that "all or nothing" mentality where you binge on certain days. Remember, eating healthy isn't just a diet you do for a few months in order to lose a few pounds. This is how you eat from now on. HEALTHY! And of course, if you want to TREAT yourself with something every so often, then go right ahead! But think of it as just that, a treat.

Remember, when we were kids, our parents didn't allow us to eat whatever the hell we wanted, anytime we wanted. We were allowed special treats on our birthday or some other celebration. So just because it's a Tuesday night and Game of Thrones is on, that doesn't constitute rewarding yourself with a tub of ice cream!

If your body is fueled properly and only given a treat on the rare occasion, then it will learn to bounce back much quicker, say within one day instead of four. Wouldn't you rather be on top of your game first thing Monday morning rather than waiting until Thursday?

If your willpower isn't strong enough, or you're not sure where to even start with eating healthy then I can help! Contact me and mention this article and I'll give you 50% off my nutritional coaching program that will help you create long-lasting healthy habits.

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