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100% self-paced, so you can go as fast or slow as you'd like through the material. 


Receive field tested breathing protocols to use for different situations. 


Build mental toughness to improve performance in all aspects of life.

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This Masterclass is for you if:

  • You're new to fitness and want to learn basic breathing mechanics

  • You're an elite athlete that wants to improve performance

  • You have some anxiety/fears you want to overcome

  • You want to build your mental toughness

  • You get out of breath easily

  • You have some self-doubt

  • You want to learn how to be your best! 

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"By learning to control the breath, you control your emotions, and therefore control your behaviors."  


"Once I shifted my mindset to look at challenges as a way to improve, rather than something that would cause me pain, I made drastic improvements."

- Coach Jono

What You'll Learn:

The Masterclass consists of three different modules, each containing video lessons along with supplemental information. 


Lesson 1: Welcome and Introduction

Lesson 2: Breathing Mechanics

Lesson 3: What is Dysfunctional Breathing

Lesson 4: How to Breathe Properly

Lesson 5: Breathing Oxygen Level Test (BOLT)

Lesson 6: Maximum Breathlessness Test

Lesson 7: Breath and Performance

Lesson 8: Breathing for Sleep

Lesson 9: Breathing for Anxiety

Lesson 10: Pulse Oximeter Demonstration

Lesson 11: Where to Start

Lesson 12: Conclusion and Summary



Breath Strength Mind Masterclass image


Lesson 1: Welcome to Mental Strength

Lesson 2: What is Mental Strength

Lesson 3: Effort x Skill = Success

Lesson 4: Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

Lesson 5: General Adaptation Syndrome

Lesson 6: Mental vs. Physical Stress

Lesson 7: How to Use Self-Talk

Lesson 8: How to Use Visualization

Lesson 9: How to Develop Mental Strength

Lesson 10: Conclusion and Summary


Lesson 1: Introduction to Fear and Anxiety

Lesson 2: What is Fear

Lesson 3: Why We Focus on the Negative

Lesson 4: What is the True Danger

Lesson 5: Learned Fears & Creating New Outcomes

Lesson 6: Steps to Mastering Fear

Lesson 7: How to Deal with Fear/Anxiety

Lesson 8: How it Relates to Health/Fitness

Lesson 9: Conclusion and Summary


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