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Be A Tightrope Walker

We all have goals of what we'd like to accomplish with our health and fitness. Whether it be to lose 15 pounds, gain more lean muscle, or run a marathon; we have that goal in our minds and we're determined to make it happen. But what normally happens? We're really excited at the beginning, we envision ourselves at the beach looking good after dropping all the weight; and as the weeks start to pass, we get discouraged because its not happening like we envisioned.

But Jono, you always tell us that you need to have goals! And I'm going to continue to tell you that you need to have a goal and something to work towards. However, the goal is not what you should focus on!

Here me out. I want you to envision a tight rope walker. He's balancing on a very thin cable that is teetering between two buildings 50 stories high. The goal of the walker is to make it to the other side without plummeting to his death right? But do you think he is focused on the end of the cable where he hopes to finish? Hell no! He is focused on the each footstep immediately in front of him.

He has to take each step with precision, otherwise he may not make it to the other side. Once he accomplishes one successful step, he focus on the next one, and so on. Gradually though, those small steps will lead him to his goal.

For example, if your final goal is to lose 15 pounds, the steps along the way that you should focus on may include:

  1. ​Cut out the sugars and processed foods

  2. Exercise 3 times per week

  3. Reduce stress

  4. Get lots of sleep/rest

By focusing on the steps along the way you will continue to stay​ motivated. If you made it to the gym 3 days that week, consider it a win! Cut out sugars, BAAAM, consider it another win. Focus on the small steps along the way and before you know it you will be across that tightrope and have reached your goal.

If you're unsure of what steps to take in order to accomplish your goal, then reach out to me and I can help you create a step-by-step plan. And if you start to lose your balance because you took a misstep, then I will be right there to help you get back on track!

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