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A Look Back at 2016

Here’s to a Happy New Year and to getting everything that you want out of 2017! But first I want to take a look back at all the amazing accomplishments that members of the MMF community made in 2016! First off though, I want to discuss what it was that motivated these great people to accomplish things they never thought they could do? Need a minute to think about it....... Still not sure? IT WAS GOALS! Without a goal or something to push towards, it is very difficult to motivate yourself. Without that burning desire deep down in your soul, what is going to force you to get out of bed at 4am to go workout? Or come home from a long day at work, when all you want to do is sit down and rest, but you know you need to meal prep for the next days meals. I can guarantee you that each and every one of these people had a goal and they busted their ass to make sure they accomplished that goal. But why? Why did they put themselves through a lot of sore muscles, waking up early, foregoing desserts, and countless hours working out? It's because we as humans are amazing creatures, but many of us get into a mind-numbing, monotonous, boring routine that can last for months and even years! By setting goals and stepping out of your comfort zone, you revitalize your drive for life and experiences. You build confidence by helping yourself realize that you can do so much more than just sit at a computer. YOU CAN BE UNSTOPPABLE IF YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO IT! For example, Greg decided he would like to run his very first 5k ever! He pushed himself to get to the gym and even started to jog the large hill by his house. And on the day of that race, I know he was nervous, but he trusted his training, pushed himself harder than he had ever pushed, and he finished that race with a big smile. Susan set a goal to get back into paddling after being away from the sport for many years. Not only did she make the boat, she gained respect from many of the long time paddlers as a person who works harder than anyone else. Jade and Jill accomplished what only a select group of people have done, they paddled the Molokai channel. This is one of the most difficult races on the planet and they pushed themselves WAY out of their comfort zone to do something awesome. Ruben is an accomplished marine and set the goal to finish with high honors for an upcoming fitness test. Not only did Ruben pass with flying colors, he pushed himself to complete a Spartan Beast race (never having done one) and although it took him longer than he would have liked, he never gave up and wore that medal with pride! Speaking of the Spartan race, Sam and Lindsey smashed the Spartan Super course. Both had previously finished the shorter sprint course, but again, they set a goal to do something they'd never done and were able to get through the grueling 8-mile Super course. Taking it to even higher levels was the new addition to the MMF team, Mara. She not only did the Spartan sprint, and super, she accomplished the trifecta and completed the Beast course as well. This was just one of her many accomplishments this year! Allison (not pictured above) wanted to push herself to have the strength to complete 5 pull-ups. And as you all know, pull-ups are one of the most difficult exercise using just your bodyweight. Oh she got her 5 pull-ups, and then just decided to keep on going and did an additional 3! That's huge! Alex and his wife Kathleen (not pictured) were blessed in 2016 with a new baby boy. But they both knew that their health is very important and they wasted no time by getting back to working out and setting an example for little Roman. Lastly and definitely not the least, after seriously injuring her hand and being in a cast, Linda set the goal to regain her strength so she could return to do what she loved the most, YOGA. It was not an easy journey, but she is back in the studio and challenging herself with difficult new poses. There were countless other accomplishments made this year and I'm sorry if they weren't mentioned here, but I want to bring up the fact that at the beginning of 2016 all of these people set a goal and without something to work towards, they may have just continued on with that boring, monotonous grind of life. So I want you to take a look back at 2016, was there something that you would have liked to have done and didn't make it happen? What stopped you? And how can you make sure that it doesn't stop you again in 2017? Set that goal, then set smaller goals to accomplish along the way to help you reach that bigger goal. If you'd like to complete a race, then set a goal to workout at least three times per week. You know I'm always here to help with that! You can do amazing things this year, and you're the only person that will stop yourself from accomplishing those goals. SO GET OUT THERE MAKE THEM HAPPEN!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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