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Olympic Gold....and depression.

As this year's Summer Olympics came to a close this past weekend, did you have that same empty feeling I did? Maybe not. But after watching our athletes compete their hearts (and lungs) to capacity, I always feel a little sad knowing that I won't see them again for 4 years! Now I want you to put your feet in the shoes of the athlete. These men and women eat, sleep, and breathe training for these events. They spend countless hours working on how to improve their body to reach its utmost potential. From eating salad upon salad, to sitting in a sauna or ice bath for hours; they've done it all. However, now that the games are over, sometimes these athletes will fall into a state of depression. They no longer have a purpose. For the past 4 years, training has been their main goal and purpose. Take Michael Phelps for example. After the last summer olympics, he fell into a big state of depression and got himself into multiple strings of trouble. This happens far too often. Swimmer Amanda Beard discussed this in her memoir "In The Water, They Can't See You Cry". And while you may not be training for Olympic gold and spending hours and hours training like these athletes, it's still just as important for you to not fall victim to this same issue. If you set out to accomplish a goal and you conquered it with flying colors, then be happy and celebrate that accomplishment. Rest the body and soak it in! And then as soon as you can, set your sights on a new goal and a new purpose. Don't let yourself fall into that little state of depression and return to old bad habits. And it may not be as big of a goal as your previous accomplishment, but still make that small goal and give yourself something to word towards. Go for GOLD, then keep on striving for PLATINUM! Congratulations to all our USA athletes. You made us proud!

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