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The Process Is The Fun Part!

People often ask me. Okay. You won a couple championships? What's next? What are you going to do to be bigger and better and and out do what you did before? I think it's very important that you have goals to work towards because it gives you that purpose and that drive. But at the same time, the reason you got into racing or doing what you love, is because you enjoy the process along the way.

If you're always out looking for that bigger better goal, then you're always searching for something that you may never achieve.

Some people think, when I buy a house, then I'll be happy; or when I finally meet that somebody and I get married then I'll be happy; or when I finally get that job then I can finally be happy. But learn to be happy in the moment now. Enjoy the process along the way. Enjoy going out and dating; enjoy learning new things so that you can get better and eventually get that job. Enjoy working out and lifting weights and running and challenging yourself so that you can eventually win that race that you're you're training for. Start to learn to enjoy the process. Yes, still have those goals to shoot for at the same time but also enjoy the journey. That's what it's all about.

One of my buddies often tells me that when we go surfing and the waves may be perfect 6 to 8 and it's firing. We may be the only ones out. But most of the fun is on the drive up and you talk with your friends and share stories and on the way home you exchange stories “how was that wave you caught? I saw that!”

Its all about the things you do along the way rather than just that final goal.

I'm not saying you shouldn't have goals, but don't make that the sole purpose and think that okay, once I accomplish this then my life will be complete, because I’ve won championships and its awesome, its amazing; but what I remember is more of the journey along the way.

So enjoy the process, make it part of your routine, and then when you reach that goal, it will be even sweeter!

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