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Don't Let Your Fin Droop

Welcome back everyone! Today I want to talk about movement and why it's so important. I'm sure all of you have seen Shamu and other killer whales in captivity. Have you ever noticed how their fin bends and droops over? That’s because in the wild, when those whales are swimming quickly through the water that dorsal fin helps to keep them moving in a straight line, it's receiving resistance from the water and its forced to stay rigid and strong.

But in captivity they're not going on those long swims and that fin sits at the surface the entire time and because it doesn’t have the resistance in the water column, it eventually droops over.

Same thing goes for your muscles, tendons, and the density of your bones. If you're not using them, they become weak.

We're meant to move and pivot in different directions, forward, backward, side to side, squat, and hinge at the hips; but when we don't do that, those muscles and tendons become brittle. And what happens when things get brittle?

Imagine a rubber band that you leave in your drawer for months, when you go to use it and stretch it, POP, and it breaks.

Same things for your tendons, muscles, and bones. If you're not moving your muscles and tendons, you can easily create a tear or stress fracture in your bones.

So today's lesson is to emphasize the power of movement and exercise. It doesn't have to be a Spartan race like I do, but get out there and do some squats, do some lunges, push-ups. Just body weight movements is fine, but keep yourself moving and don't let your dorsal fin go limp!

Aloha, see you next week!

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