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Bad Weather Excuses

Welcome back, Coach Jono here for another tip of the week. Since we’ve started to get deeper into winter, I figured we’d talk about how bad weather like rain, snow, and cold can affect your workout routine.

You'll hear people say I never got in my workout because it was raining outside or it gets darker earlier now, so I didn't want to go. Don't let that be an excuse.

Your skin is waterproof, you're not going to melt, I promise!

Throw on a rain jacket or a beanie and gloves if you're in a place with snow, but don't let that be an excuse for you to skip your work out. There’s been many times where I've gone for a run, and it started to pour and then it turns out to be one of the best runs ever. That’s because it puts you in a different environment and state of mind. The rain hits you and takes your focus away from the tasks at work or the stress at home.

Yes, it can be more challenging due to the weather, but it will make you tougher. It will build that mental toughness.

You'll hear people say.. “Oh no, I can't workout, it’s raining or its too hot”. Force yourself to go out when it's cold, and force yourself to go out when it's really hot, it's going to build that mental toughness. If you continue to build that mental toughness over and over, then eventually if you're doing a race or even if you're having a tough day at work, you'll be like…”this is no problem! I was out running when it was snowing the other day, or pouring down rain, or when it was 95 degrees outside, so this is no problem”.

It will build that mental toughness to the point where it will make other difficult things in your life seem like a piece of cake.

Comment below if you have any tips on how you self-motivate when you’re not in the mood to workout.

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