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Don't Feel Bad About Eating Good!

I'll admit it, I wasn't always the healthiest person. I would go out multiple times per week, drink beers, eat pizza for dinner, hit fast food at 2am for tacos, and then wake up and have a stack of pancakes for breakfast. Of course, I will still have the occasional beer and a slice of pizza; but over the last 4 years, I have drastically changed my habits. As I began to change my ways, my friends and family would tease me and give me a hard time if I ever had a piece of bread, chocolate, or anything unhealthy. They probably thought it was a phase and that I would soon go back to my old eating habits, but four years later I'm still going strong! The ridiculous thing is that after all these years, my friends/family still tease me about eating healthy. "Oh heaven forbid Jono has a piece of pizza, oooooh, watch out now!" Ahhhh, it's ok, he'll just go for a 10 mile run tomorrow and burn it off they say. During your health and fitness journey you will come across these type of people at one point or another, I GUARANTEE IT! You will be at a birthday party and someone will offer you a piece of cake; you will humbly decline, and then you will receive an onslaught of comments and probably pointed in the direction of the veggies (which FYI, we already scoped them out on the way in, so we don't need to be shown where they are). Don't let these people make you feel bad about the way you eat! Eating healthy is the NORMAL way we should eat, not the opposite way around. Not to worry though, they will feel bad about what they ate when they undoubtedly get a stomach ache from all the bullshit, non-nutritional food they consumed. So next time someone teases you or makes some comment about your healthy food decisions, don't let it discourage you from your goals. Tell them thanks for the offer, but eating healthy food makes you focus more clearly, sleep more soundly, have better skin and hair, gives you energy, and even helps you to have better sex. See what they say to that and then continue to eat those delicious veggies, steaks, and fish in all their glory!

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