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The Pause Button Mentality

You've done it, I've done it, most people at some point or another has done this. As a Precision Nutrition coach, I have access to some great information and one of the things that often comes up is what they call "The Pause Button Mentality". What is the pause button mentality? It's when we put whatever we're working towards on hold, usually for immediate gratification. This could be our health, finances, family, etc. For example, many people who are trying to lose weight will say "Ehh, I've been good lately, I'm going to splurge this weekend and then I'll start back up again on Monday." This is also big right around New Years. That's why the gyms are so packed right after New Years, people like that feeling of having a chance to re-do and start fresh again. The problem is this gives people the mindset that it's ok to fail; they can just start over and pickup where they left off when the timing is good. However, you never pick up where you left off, you're already three steps back! Many of us think that just because the timing isn't good now, we should put things on hold; but when is the timing ever absolutely perfect? NEVER! There will always be something in your busy life that turns your world into a tornado of chaos. So it's building up the abilities and strength to continue with your goals even though "timing" isn't perfect. So what can you do to avoid this pause button mentality? Try not to think in that "black and white", "All or Nothing" approach. If you didn't do well for a week because things were crazy, don't wait for the new month or after the holidays, start again that very minute! But this time, dial it down a notch to make things easier to accomplish and get done. If you were shooting to workout 4 times per week, shoot for 3 instead. And think back to what took you off your path the previous time. Think about how you can prepare better, that way you stay on track, even with all the craziness. A simple way to do this is by answering two questions:

  1. What’s likely to get in the way of what I hope to accomplish?

  2. What is something I can do today to help me keep going when I face those obstacles?

Don't aim for perfection, always strive to be "just a little better' than yesterday. It's all about consistency! So don't hit that pause button and let yourself be knocked back three steps. Accept the little bump in the road and then get right back on track! If you'd like to read the Precision Nutrition article that discusses this in greater detail, CLICK HERE!

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