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Are You TOO Fit?

As I drove into work last week, I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts. I find driving is a great time to continue learning and not let yourself get road rage from all the other crazy drivers! But I digress. Anyways, a person on this particular podcast posed the question "At what point do you stop pushing yourself and just be happy with where you're at? At what point is enough enough?" This was a great question and it got me thinking about people I know and even myself. While there are many people who don't strive for any goals and never push themselves; there is another group of people who are never satisfied and must continue to strive for better. So at what point is enough enough? Recently a close friend of mine said that I've "changed" and I'm "no fun" anymore. This really made me question myself and ponder whether I'm being too extreme with my fitness, eating healthy, and overall lifestyle. I'll admit, I used to live for the weekend just so I could go out to the bars and have fun. I was still active and did lots of physical movement; but, at night it was all about going out. However, in the past few years my knowledge of the human body, how it performs, what makes it function at its utmost potential, and also what is most detrimental, has expanded consequently. The saying "ignorance is bliss" is definitely true. Now knowing what I know, it's much more difficult for me to go to a bar and have 10 beers. The thought of being hungover the next day and not having the energy to be active doesn't sound fun. Getting a full 8 hours of sleep and rocking out the next day on the mountains or in the water is much more appealing. However, I will admit that myself, and many other people I know, probably do take being healthy and fit a bit too far from time to time. Yes, we should all have goals and work hard to conquer them, but in the long run, will losing a few hours of sleep to spend time with your friends/family prevent you from reaching those goals? Probably not. But will losing a few hours of sleep to spend time with your friends/family create long lasting relationships that can't be measured with a stop watch? I guarantee! So "when is enough enough?" That is something only you can answer within yourself. But ask yourself this...does your calendar consist of more workout time than family time? Are you sacrificing a sit down dinner with your kids to get in one more workout? Then yes, maybe somethings should be adjusted. Don't get me wrong, definitely make time for your health and fitness goals. Work to be the strongest human being you can possibly be! But also work to be the most loved and caring human being you can possibly be. Cause in the end, who is going to cheer you on as you cross the finish line if no one likes you?

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