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Are you sipping Mai Tai's or stapling papers?

As you're sitting in your office/cubicle today, wishing it was the weekend, I want you to think about this little passage from Ronda Rousey's autobiography: "Say you're sitting in your cubicle and you hate your job. It's terrible. Everyone around you is an asshole. Your boss is a dick. All of your work is just mind-numbingly soul-sucking. But in five minutes you are about to leave for your first vacation you've had in five years. You're going to be gone for two weeks at this beautiful Bora Bora seaside bungalow. How would you feel? You'd feel great right? Now imagine that you're in Bora Bora. You're on this beautiful beach with amazing people, and you've had so much fun. In five minutes, you're going to have to put down the pina colada with the little umbrella in it. You have to say goodbye to those amazing people, and you will go back to your terrible job and won't take another vacation for another five years. How would you feel now? You would feel terrible. Now think about it. You're sitting in the cubicle at the job that you hate and you feel awesome. And you're sitting on the beach with a drink in your hand and you feel terrible. How you feel is entirely in your mind. Your mind has nothing to do with your environment. It has nothing to do with anyone around you. It is entirely your decision. Making a change in your life is as easy as making a decision and acting on it. That's it." I love this because it's so true. I definitely used to have days where I would dread going to my office job, and then there were days that I would jump out of bed with excitement. It was the same boring job, but there may have been one little thing to make it more exciting that day. It will be difficult to have a "jump out of bed" exciting kind of day, every single day. However, if you do feel as though you're in a rut with your health/fitness, or life in general; think back to Ronda's story and make the decision to change your mindset, put yourself on that beach in Bora Bora, and order yourself another cocktail.

Time to Exercise

Don’t allow past failures get you down. It can be frustrating waiting for results, but by a combination of cardio exercises, a healthy diet, and the right resistance workouts, you will reach your goal. Never. Give. Up.

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