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Obstacle Course Race


Photo Credit: Spartan Race

If you plan to do a Spartan Race, then training is imperative!  Whether you signed up for the open/non-competitive division or the elite division, if you don't prepare your mind and body, then the mud, hills, obstacles, and tough terrain will eat you up and spit you out! 

Obstacle racing allows you to bring out your inner child. Remember when you were a kid and you went out to play in the mud, climb trees, and swing from monkey bars? Now you can do that again! 

But as adults, we rarely do things like hang, crawl, or carry heavy objects, so learning how to build the strength, endurance, and the techniques to conquer an obstacle efficiently is crucial to your success.

Join Coach Jono, 3x Spartan AG World Champion, to learn how to build your strength and endurance, master obstacle technique, control your breathing, and learn how to properly fuel to perform your best. 


Whether you're goal is to stand on the podium or simply have fun with friends and finish; this training program will make sure you cross that finish line with a smile!  

Join the 6 or 12-week training program to get you ready the obstacles, trails, and everything in between!


What you'll receive: 

  • Weekly training routine to build strength and endurance

  • Obstacle tutorials

  • Nutritional guidance

  • Gear/Equipment recommendations

  • Breathing protocols to help with recovery and endurance

  • Mental toughness training

  • Direct messaging with Coach Jono for any questions

Cost $79

If you live on Oahu, join us for in-person group training where you'll learn how to conquer obstacles, build strength/endurance, and have fun with your fellow racers. 


*Join the Hawaii Spartan Ohana Facebook page HERE for updates on when group trainings are held.  

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