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Today's the Day! Discount Code Inside!

The wait is finally over! I'm thrilled to announce the highly anticipated release of my groundbreaking online masterclass titled Breath Strength Mind. I designed this course to help you build unyielding mental toughness and unlock your peak performance potential.

Why did I title this course "Breath Strength Mind"? Because after competing at the elite level of Spartan obstacle course races, I learned that it takes a whole lot of physical strength to climb up and down a mountain while carrying a sandbag; it takes an immense amount of mental strength to not quit half way through a grueling 4 hour race; and what is helping both the mind and the body during that entire process.....the BREATH!

But what I noticed even more was how by building mental toughness and mastering control of my breath, I was better able to handle the stress of every day life. Things like traffic, deadlines, angry coworkers, etc didn't seem to bother me as much. I take that back, sometimes it still bothered me, haha, but I had more control over my emotions and how I reacted to the situation.

I invite you to join me through this masterclass journey where you'll learn how to build the grit and resilience to take on the world.

Why Join?

  • LIFETIME access to all the content

  • Actionable strategies you can start to use immediately

  • I know you have a busy life, so you can go at your own pace

  • Learn from not only myself, but many other experts

  • Lifetime benefits you can use forever

Let's get started! Because you're a part of the Mauka Makai Fitness community, I'm giving you an Early Bird discount code. But don't wait to join, because this code is only good for another week.

Click the link below to sign-up and use code "EARLYBSM"

I can't wait to join you on this journey and hear how you faced your fears, built mental toughness, and learned to master your breath!

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