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Mental Burnout Happens!

Alright, howzit everyone? Today we're going to talk about mental burnout. This past week I was feeling a little unmotivated, not my normal self of going to work, getting in a workout and then getting some extra work done in the evening time.

I was in a little funk.

But this is normal, it happens to everyone. I hear of many other people that go through this and so just like with your exercise routine, and your strength training, every so often you need to take a break to let the body fully recover and I think the same thing happens for the mind. You need to give it that reset to help you get more inspiration, and help you get into a more creative state of mind. So sometimes you need to take that mental break where you can turn some things off for a while.

I understand you can't necessarily just take a week off of work all the time, but you can maybe take an early afternoon off and go for a hike or just put your phone away, put your laptop away and go do something that helps you turn off all that noise that’s creating that burnout.

So accept that it is something that happens to everyone. Don't let it discourage you and set you off into a further decline where you become unmotivated for a whole month. Accept that burnout is real, and if you start to notice it coming on, call up a friend to go out and do something fun, go out and have a few drinks to relax. Take your mind off things. Go for a hike. Go for a swim. Go for a surf. Do something outdoors that helps you take your mind off of work, but understand that it is a normal process that happens to all of us. So take the steps to mitigate it that way you can get back to your normal, productive happy-go-lucky self as soon as possible.

And if you find yourself in a funk for a long time and need that extra kick in the ass, then let me help you to stay on track and stay motivated. Send me a message and let's schedule a time to chat.

-Coach Jono

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