Lost the Fire?

While many people struggle to find the fire in their belly to start a new health and fitness program; others may have had that fire for a while and then lost it. Take for example, Michael Jordan who played basketball for years and then decided to try baseball. Why would someone who is so talented at something all of a sudden decide to try something new? More than likely he lost that fire he once had for basketball, it doesn't create that same passion it once did, so he went looking for it somewhere else.

I've definitely felt that at times. Don't get me wrong, I love obstacle racing, but it definitely doesn't call out to me quite as much as it once did. In the book Stealing Fire, they compare It to someone on drugs; after a certain amount of time, that person will need more of that particular drug to get the same high because the body has grown accustomed to it. Same goes for the passion you once had for the fitness/sport you once played. A person knows what to expect, grows comfortable, and it doesn't create that same excitement. Therefore they either, quit and try something new, or else they push the limits in further to get that same high. This is how many extreme sports enthusiasts get themselves into trouble or even killed; they continue to push the limits in order to get that same adrenaline rush.

So what do you do if this has happened to you? Do you just settle and succumb to a life on the couch in front of the tv because you lost the drive you once had? HELL NO! You go out and find a new way to get that fire going!

The name of my company isn't Mauka Makai Fitness for no apparent reason. Growing up I always had a passion for the mountains AND the ocean. They both offer so much and each has its own amazing attributes. I try to mix things up as much as possible, so I may do a SUP race from time to time; go free=diving; or just go surfing. This adds a little variety to the norm. That way when I go back to activities in the mountains, it's almost like a reboot to what the land has to offer.

And you don't necessarily have to try something COMPLETELY different; maybe just add in a little variety to your normal activity. If you normally do road triathlons, try a trail triathlon. If you normally go to yoga, try SUP yoga. If you normally play tennis, try racquet ball. The opportunities are endless!

Basically what I'm saying is, if you've lost the passion for an activity you once had, get out and try something new. You may find it to be sensational and love it! Or you may hate it, but during that process, it may help to revitalize the passion for your prior activity.

I'd love to hear how you mix things up to get them exciting. Comment below and let me know!


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