Hawaii OCR Training


If you plan to do a Spartan, Tough Mudder, or even a local obstacle course race (OCR), then training is imperative.  Even if you only signed up for the open/non-competitive division, if you don't prepare your mind and body, then the mud, hills, obstacles, and tough terrain will eat you up and spit you out! 

Even if you're not an athlete, OCR events allow you to bring out your inner child. Remember when you were a kid and you went out to play in the mud, climb trees, and swing from monkey bars? Now you get to do that again! 

But as adults, we rarely do things like hang, crawl on the ground, or carry heavy objects, so learning how to build the strength, endurance, and the little technique to conquer an obstacle efficiently is crucial to your success.

Jono is the back-to-back Spartan AG World Champion and he will help you to create a customized program based on your busy schedule, your race distance, and your current abilities. Whether you're goal is to stand on the podium or simply have fun with friends and finish; he will make sure you cross that finish line.  

Schedule a complimentary call with Jono to discuss your options to help you get started on a health/fitness routine or train and conquer your next obstacle course race!

Speak with Jono to discuss your options to help you get started on a health/fitness routine or train and conquer your next obstacle course race and decide on a plan to ge...
Complimentary Consultation
30 min
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If you live on Oahu, then join us for our group training sessions where you will learn how to conquer obstacles, build strength/endurance, and have fun with your fellow racers. 

We conduct group training sessions where there is no cost associated, but donations are appreciated.  See below for the training schedule and location. 


*Schedule may change due to unforeseen circumstances, so please check back for updates.

**Address of Richard's garage and Salt Lake Housing available upon request.

Strength/Conditioning Focus: This will include exercises such as lunges, squats, pushups, sprints, hills to better prepare you for the the physical demands obstacle course racing will place on your body. Some obstacle focus included. 


Obstacle Proficiency Focus: This will give you time to practice on a variety of obstacles to include rope climbs, spear throw, atlas carry, multi-rig, wall climbs, bucket carry, etc.  Some conditioning included. 


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Training starts July 12th!